​​​​It is a vehicle-based mobile security service that randomly moves between different properties in close proximity making rounds at each individual property, and then moving on to the next site. We our the best security guard service in Key Largo, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and all of South Florida.

​Our Security Patrols are a cost-effective alternative to on-site security. Our professionally equipped officers will give both residents and managers peace of mind that their property is being looked after, by one of the best security services in the security guard service industry.

​While on property Security Officers will be checking for:

  • suspicious activities
  • lighting deficiencies
  • maintenance issues
  • enforce your rules & regulations

​We provide all clients with detailed paperless reports with pictures regarding incidents that have occurred when on their property.

Each patrol round that we conduct at your property are time stamped and we provide guard tracking with photo verification reports.​​



Security Watch Group Parking Enforcement


​Our Uniform Officer division consists of dedicated hourly officers that conduct vehicle or foot patrols of your property to deter crime and enforce all property rules & regulations including parking.

All of our officers are properly licensed and are trained to your site specific rules. Making them a beacon of information to the residents in your community or property. Every security officer undergoes an extensive background investigation and drug screening, and ongoing training.

Our on-site officers provide maximum peace of mind that someone is watching over your property.


​​ Security & Parking enforcement services


security parking patrols

​​The parking area of a property is one of the first experiences a guest or resident has with their visit. The problem is that most of the time they are not maintained, out of control, and lack enforcing.

​Here is where we come in and provide solutions and parking enforcement services to help correct and keep your community or property maintained, organized, and under control.

​Our Security Parking Enforcement Patrol Tours help solve the following issues in HOAs, Condos, or commercial properties:

  • ​Residents parking their own vehicle in the visitor parking spaces
  • Illegally parked vehicles in assigned visitor parking
  • ​Expired tags/ No Tags or abandoned vehicles
  • ​Vehicles parked on street, grass, or sidewalk
  • ​Parking in firelane/ fire hydrant or handicap space without proper permit​
  • Parked in reserved spot without proper decal
  • Blocking access to garbage & dumpster
  • ​Double parked vehicles

Our system allows us to search any vehicle plate that has been previously warned and stickered. All warning violations are recorded with time stamped photos to track how many warnings each vehicle has received prior to being towed.

​We are not affiliated with any towing or booting company. We work with any towing vendor of your choice.

​The competition is using non-security personnel for parking enforcement; however all of our enforcement officers are licensed Security Officers providing your community with parking enforcement and security presence at the same time.