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Find out how we can help your community's security parking needs.

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  • All officers are fully insured & licensed by the state of Florida
  • Finger printed and checked with FBI background check before being issued a license
  • Officers are equipped with state of the art reporting software for maximum accountability and operate in marked vehicles

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  • ​​We are locally owned and operated & passionate about our services
  • We have accountability, transparency, & integrity
  • We offer custom tailored solutions for your property that produce real results
  • We invest in cutting-edge technology

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Security Watch Group Parking Enforcement

We provide Security Parking Enforcement services to HOAs, Condos, & Commercial Properties.

  • We use a state of the art System that manages a variety of important security parking enforcement responsibilities within one application
  • Our system utilizes a variety of technologies including QR codes, image capture, GPS location reporting & digital time clock to facilitate and validate all reports turned in to our clients
  • 24/7 client online access to view all reports